Our training programs are ideal for the students and job seekers who want to establish their career in IT industry. At Lue we provide full fledge live project development exposure. This program is highly recommended for the students who have good theory exposure and require complete development exposure. Also B.E/B.TECH, BCA/MCA, B.Sc/M.Sc IT students or graduates in any discipline can join this program to establish career in IT industry.

Java/J2EE(Spring Boot)

In this training program we provide exposure to Core-java, JDBC, Java swing, JavaFX, Server side development using Servlet/JSP. In last month of training we fully focus on REST API development using Spring Boot, Spring Data and Hibernate. All these tech-stack training will provided on live project with Software Developer as mentor so trainee can learn and understand real-world development scenario.

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Android (Java/Kotlin)

In this training program you will learn Android app development, language is your choice? you can go with java or kotlin. We guide you to how to develop UI for mobile based on wireframe and integrate REST API, JSON data processing and Firebase push notification. Advantages you get in this you will learn from developer not from trainer.

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iOS (Swift & ObjectiveC)

Even if you are new to iOS development or built only one simple app, We have the journey that changes everything in your iOS development career. In our workplace training you will get exposure to Mac, XCode, Swift & Objective C. Our developer will train you on commercial apps, which will cover all tech-stack.

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Hybrid App (Flutter/React Native)

In Hybrid Mobile app development training you will learn to develop a cross-platform apps. You can go with Google flutter or Facebook react. This tech stack is highly in demand and covering 90% of hybrid app market. We are leader in cross-platform apps development.

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PHP (Laravel/Codeigniter)

PHP is most sought web development platform, we have highly skilled developer who train you for web development with frameworks. you will learn commercial development on PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, Jquery, MySQL database and one of the framework of your choice Laravel or Codeigniter.

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Front End (Angular/React/Vue)

Speed up your front end development with Angular/React or Vue, Now a days front-end is consider as separate field in development. Get your self ready with latest tech, Don't sit with traditional front end skills, Join our training program to become a highly demanding front end developer.

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Full-Stack (MEAN/MERN)

This training program is designed to assist developer to become a full-stack developer. In recent year full-stack developer is every company looking. You become a full-stack developer with Mongo, Express/Next, (Angular/React), Node.

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C# is the most commonly used language for leveraging the .NET Framework. As such, learning C# is a springboard to creating enterprise systems, desktop applications, websites and mobile applications. The goal of this learning path is to take you from having little to no experience with C# to understanding how to leverage the language's advanced features and how it works.

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Why is workplace training necessary?

Workplace training is the process of educating Fresher/Newcomer in a skill, a tech-stack and a workplace strategy. Our Training takes place according to the requirements of the industry, Workplace training is mutually beneficial for both industry and candidates. Our Training programs are tailored for specific requirements according to the needs of the industry. We know IT industry from Last 8 years and made more than thousand's successful professional's, who working with large IT giants.

At LUE Infoservices workplace training are designed to improve the candidate inner skills, Which includes:

  • Technical skill development
  • Soft skill development
  • Quality training
  • Leadership and managerial skill development

At LUE we believe, information technology sector is always changing through the consistent addition of new technologies. Any Fresher/Newcomer in this sector needs to keep their skills competent in these new technologies to gain a competitive advantages. Technical skills what is taught in college is quite old and they are almost obsolete in the industry. This is why LUE is decided to bridge this skills gap in fresher job seekers and what industry needed. At LUE we are mentoring/nurturing future software developer with latest tech-stack. Tech-stack is always selected by you and we are here to make you advance in it.

Join LUE Infoservices workplace training program to give your career a great start :

  • Guidance by highly professional software engineers
  • Work on live international projects
  • Learn working environment and industry discipline
  • Learn different approaches and tactics of software development